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Haunted Shrewsbury – DAY NINE – Barracks Passage

Some of you may remember this shut frum our stroll around the shuts of Shrewsbury (and some of you may need to pop to our shop) and how it got it’s name frum the future King Henry’s troops being billeted here. Well many of them must’ve had a good time as the ghosts of several of them have bin sin here, milling about, revisiting their last happy place.

An ethereal lady’s face is often sin staring out of a window above the shut’s entrance is she awaiting her loved one’s return frum the battle?

A former town guide told a tale of how he saw a sparrow hawk eating a smaller bird and was told that it was a bad omen, this proved to be true as when he returned later that night he saw what can only be described as a “wraith like figure that exuded evil”, dressed head to toe in a rough woollen monk style habit but with no holes for arms, legs nor eyes. He felt it was a female form and has bin towd of a lady who’s ‘oss bolted in that very spot.

Pop back in tomorrow if you can for a visit to Milk Street, oh! and dunna have nightmares.