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Spooktober – summat ter be sin?

Danker me! It’s October already next wik and as it ends with all hallows i thought that some of you might be interested in a few (possibly) haunted sites in Shrewsbury where there might be summat ter be sin. The plan is to post one mini blog each day throughout the month. Due to sketchy information, and me being a bit of a lithermon, (lazy man) some might be very mini but they will all be available in a booklet so that you can either have a stroll round them all or just have a brevit at one or two at your own leisure.

As most of you have probably heard of our many haunted hostelries, we will see if we can find our spirits elsewhere. Now nobody has ever bin ‘urt by our Shrewsbury ghosses,occasionally shocked but never hurt and as the owd saying goes “the jed coona ‘urt yer,it’s the living yer have to werrit about”

Many towns have buildings where strange going ons have bin reported and Shrewsbury seems to have more than most. Some say that this is because restless spirits seek peace near water and with the town almus totally surrounded by the Severn, or Sivern as she is known, it provides a perfect resting place.

If you have any strange Shropshire sightings or stories, please dunna hesitate to let us know me owd butties.

Pop back in on Saturday if you can and we will start at the railway station.