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Owdo me owd butties, I thought you might like to read a few more sayings that I have gleaned frum Shropshire books and Shropshire folk. They inna all unique to Shropshire but they have all bin used here, now pay attention there mebbe questions later.

Shropshire sayings (part five )

More plague than profit (a bad lodger)

There’s alus luck for the lame and lazy (it inna all bad)

It’s the rivets what count (money holds everything together – Ticklerton)

An early Easter brings an early spring and a late Easter brings a late’un – Ticklerton

One years seeds make seven years weeds

“At last” as the cobbler’s wife said, when she threw it at him ( a ‘last’ is a shoe mould)

He brought his eggs to a gud market (drunk himself to jeth / just deserts)

He’d wear the heart out of a grindle stone (a tiresome owd mon – no not me)

You’ll need the big pot and the little ‘un (expecting guests)

You’ll have to give it a long-stitch and a pull-together (urgent need of sewing)

Ax ‘ow yo’me nuncle’s ankler is (ask how your uncle’s ankle is)

Tekken by the foxes or the fi’fingers (suspicion of theft)

Danker me! that’s enough chunnerin’ frum me for one day, please feel free to share any of your own and thank’ee muchly to anyone who is still reading this far down, now run along and play nicely – shroppiemon