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Owdo me owd butties, I thought you might like to read a few more sayings that I have gleaned frum Shropshire books and Shropshire folk. They inna all unique to Shropshire but they have all bin used here, now pay attention there mebbe questions later.

Shropshire sayings (part two)

  • Get up in the boughs (irritable person)
  • Too nigh a wood to be afeared of an oolert (very brave)
  • Talking in the lane when he ought to be in the leasow (not in the right place at the right time
  • Full of blows and far behind (too many irons in the fire)
  • To plough the adlants afore the butts (start at the wrong end)
  • Turning on a narrow adlant (lucky escape)
  • Tup in ‘auter (mad, like a ram in a halter)
  • Eggs to a fine market (just desserts)
  • Suck sorrow by spoontles (live to regret it)
  • Drowning the millard/miller (to over add summat, usually water)
  • Drown the tealeaf (as above usually when baking)
  • Never miss the watter until the well runs dry (a wastrel)
  • Blacksmith’s daughter (a lock)

Danker me! that’s enough chunnerin’ frum me for one day, thank’ee muchly to anyone who is still reading this far down, now run along and play nicely