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Oh I say…Sayings from Shropshire

Owdo me owd butties, I thought you might like to read a few sayings that I have gleaned frum Shropshire books and Shropshire folk. They inna all unique to Shropshire but they have all bin used here, now pay attention there mebbe questions later.

Shropshire sayings (part one)

You munna say dunna, it inna polite
An ya canna say wunna,cos that inna right.
  • Out of the knife box (sharp witted)
  • To wait on ‘imself (to go to the toilet)
  • When there’s a green frost (never)
  • An owd ewe dressed lamb fashion (pretending to be summat yo’m not)
  • Fause as a rot (false as a rat)
  • Wise as a sucking gulley (not so wise)
  • Lively as a maggot (fidgety)
  • Bald as a coot (hairless)
  • Noggen yedded (thick headed,like the nog mon)
  • Tinker’s news (old news/gossip)
  • Marryin’ a widow be puttin’ a halter on a jed ‘oss (possibly not worth it)
  • Scrat afore her pecks (an oomon who wurks hard for next to nothing)
  • Dunna crack many jed nuts (well fed)
  • Praise one’s pasture (a gud spread)
  • Like two laths ‘n’ a rabbit skin (skinny)
  • Allus stroke ‘er the right way o’the wool (tread carefully)

Danker me! that’s enough chunnerin’ frum me for one day, thank’ee muchly to anyone who is still reading this far down,now run along and play nicely