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How Shropshire are you?

How Shropshire are you?

Okay me owd butties, I get fed up with spam data collecting questions on social media so just for fun I’ve created a Shropshire one. Award yourself one Shropshire butterbun for each one you have done

Been to Clun Museum

Had a butterbun

Bought a shroppie stroll

Swam in the Severn

Flown over Shropshire in a balloon

Slid down Stretton hills on cardboard

Rode the Severn Valley Railway

Rode the Bridgnorth cliff railway

Seen the Shropshire mammoth

Walked on Oswestry racecourse

Visited Memories of Shropshire facebook group

Rode a Midland Red buz

Been to Shrewsbury Flower Show

Had Market Drayton gingerbread

Called someone mon

Stood on top of Brown Clee

Had a Shrewsbury biscuit

Watched a match at the Buck’s Head

Baked a fidget pie

Wished you hadna read this

Okay me owd butties please feel free to let us know how many you have done(so far)