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Haunted Shrewsbury DAY TWENTY NINE – 15 Castle Street

This building was formerly whum to a branch of Peter Dominic wine merchants.

A visitor started to make himself known in the winter of 1972/3. Staff became frightened when distant footsteps could be heard above them yet nothing untoward was found each time the manager bravely went up to investigate.

A temporary assistant, possibly Mrs Liz Panitz, wasna quite so lucky when she took some glasses upstairs, for standing by the window was a short-haired mon dressed in a blue uniform. She assumed it was a member of staff but when she returned downstairs all of the staff were present.

A next-door neighbour said that she often heard footsteps after the store had closed and she once saw “something” go through an adjoining wall.

Stop-press Since writing the above a twitter butty has told me that when number 14, the neighbour mentioned above, was a travel agents two members of staff were sat at their desks when they saw a just a pair of legs, dressed in black trousers and wearing shiny black work shoes, walk through the shop. This gave ’em quite a shock, so much so that one of them refused to set foot in there ever again.

from the Can Museum

Pop in tomorrow if you can when we will have some stories frum the library. oh! and dunna have nightmares.