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Haunted Shrewsbury DAY THIRTY – the Library

Frum 1552 until they relocated out of town in 1882 this was whum to Shrewsbury School.

A “grey lady” wanders amongst the bookcases and staff have often felt her presence, although we have no way of knowing for certain it is thought that she might be a wife of a long departed teacher. UPDATE I have heard that she checks up on the night cleaners and a security guard saw her walk right through a bookcase.

Another reported ghost is that of a little boy.

Recent ghost hunts have recorded a ladies voice and also a clanging noise that ends with a large bang.

During the extensive renovations in the 1980s a gravestone was discovered beneath a pile of rubble. It is now kept upstairs.

Another visitor is sin in the former master’s house adjoining the library. An elderly gentlemon gets up frum his chair, walks over to the window and looks out whilst shaking his yed. Could it be the ghost of Darwin’s headmaster Dr Butler, disappointed with the pupil he once publicly named “pococurante” (a trifler)

Pop in tomorrow if you can when you (and your legs) may be pleased to hear that we visit our last building. oh! and dunna have nightmares.

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