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Haunted Shrewsbury DAY THIRTY ONE – the Bingo Hall

Well me owd butties, if any of you are still with us, we have reached our final destination, and where better to complete a full house than the Bingo Hall? It was built as a theatre and cinema in 1934 and opened on the 4th of November 1935.

one of me tranklements

A lady haunts the upper gallery where it is said she died. She must be a lady of gud morals as there have bin no reported sightings of her since it was converted to a bingo hall in 1973.

A bingo caller was tapped on the shoulder but on turning round nobody was there.

The owd projection room has a bad vibe to it and staff are still advised not to go in there.

Stop-press an ickle bonus for you. After painstakingly working hour after hour, night after night (okay scribbling a few notes on a post-it note) on this trail of Shrewsbury’s haunted sites I was informed of a site that I hadna heard about.

12 Castle Street, staff in the upstairs staff room would often hear someone walk behind them and go into the toilet but when someone else wanted to use that toilet at the same time they would find it empty. An elderly lady was sin in the corner of the cellar on more than one occasion and when the shop was closed at night stock would be mysteriously moved. A bit of breeze or vibration? hmm not in this instance, a favourite trick was stacking the gingerbread-men cutters up into a pyramid.

Well that’s all folks, thank’ee most kindly for taking a stroll with me and of course, dunna have nightmares.