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Haunted Shrewsbury DAY SIXTEEN – St Chad’s Graveyard

Okay lets rest our nerves with a bit of light relief from the world of film.

If you stand looking at the front entrance to St Chad’s church there is a gate to your right that leads into a small graveyard, continue straight ahead and half way down on your left is the grave of Ebeneezer Scrooge and the site where the ghost of Christmas Yet to Come brought scrooge in 1984, when the makers of Christmas Carol came to town…the gravestone is actually a real grave that the film makers had to gain special permission from the church to engrave Scrooge’s name on it.

Here is our star, owd stanleydog, at the gravestone

Pop in tomorrow if you can when we pop just down the road to Rowley’s House, oh! and dunna have nightmares.