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Haunted Shrewsbury DAY SEVENTEEN – Rowley’s House

Rowley’s House has stood proudly on this spot since the late 1500s and has had a few strange goings on over the years.

When Rowley’s was our museum it was whum to the Corbet Bed, which is on loan frum the Victoria and Albert Museum in London. The Elizabethan bed is dated 1593 and where ever it has been located, including Madame Tussauds and Warwick Castle, a lady dressed in all of her finery, has been seen sat resting on it. Many believe it is the ghost of Lady Jane Corbet who it is said died during childbirth on the bed (i anna bin able to confirm this). One visitor to the museum said their four year old daughter asked about the lady on the bed but nobody else could see her.

The room that housed the bed was regularly visited by a gentleman dressed in an outfit of a similar period to Lady Jane and he ‘ould walk through the room without acknowledging her, some say it is a lover’s tiff we are witnessing but the gentleman was seen long afore the bed arrived here.

I used to work here and on my first time of locking up on my own I was reminded not to forget to say gudnite to the ghosses. Being the (cakey) mon that I am, I didna bother and sure enough all the alarms were activated by summat in the middle of the night. Another time me and Shroppieoomon had locked up and were about to leave when we heard a creaking noise coming from above reception, it sounded like someone in a rocking chair, I went up and opened the room and found a window was wide open and blowing back n forth. The window was definitely closed when I locked up and to close it I had to move a display cabinet and a board just to reach it and then I had to remove a screw that was supposed to hold it closed. I have since found out that a colleague experienced the same thing.

One further happening that two of my former colleagues experienced – the museum was closed and they were both working in the attic when they heard footsteps approaching on the wooden staircase but on checking there was nobody there. I understand that they exited the museum rather quickly that day.

the staff staircase

Pop in tomorrow if you can, oh! and dunna have nightmares.