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Haunted Shrewsbury DAY FOUR – 27 Pride Hill

Number 27 Pride Hill was built in 1964 and over the years has been an electrical shop, a fast food restaurant, a charity shop, a supermarket and a bakery but our next visitor predates all of these.

The main General Post Office building was on this site afore being demolished in 1964 and it is here our sad tale begins. On the 14th or 21st day (both have been used) of July 1916, Captain John Williamson of the local King’s Shropshire Light Infantry was home on leave for the first time in two years but it would appear that he couldn’t face going back to the horrors of the war. He entered the G.P.O. and mailed a letter of resignation to his commanding officer. He then went downstairs to the basement where he drew his own service revolver and sadly shot himself.

A figure, in full KSLI uniform and Sam Browne belt, used to be regularly seen in the basement by staff of the electrical store, some say it is Captain Williamson, whilst others say it is a totally different soldier who sits waiting for a letter of exemption that sadly never came.

a KSLI postcard 1916

I have also heard that the cellar has revealed signs of being used for burials and this may account for a mediaeval soldier who has been seen here.

Pop back in tomorrow if you can for a visit to the owd infirmary, oh! and dunna have nightmares.