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Haunted Shrewsbury DAY FIFTEEN – The Dingle

A regular ‘visitor’ near the Dingle is believed to be Mrs Foxall, a local lady who was found guilty of poisoning and murdering her husband. She was burned at the stake on the 23rd of December 1647. The ghost was “identified” as Mrs Foxall in the 1800s and was regularly sin in the 1900s (see below) I wonder if she is finally at rest or still popping out.

When I was at college, a long long time ago, a fellow student towd me that her mum ‘ouldna let her go near the Dingle as when her mum was a young’un she saw the ghost of an owd lady disappear in front of her eyes. I said “well arr that ‘ull be owd Mrs Foxall” but neither her nor her mother had ever heard the story.

Pop in tomorrow if you can when we pop to the site of a real life fake ghost, oh! and dunna have nightmares.

From a Quarry information board