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Haunted Shrewsbury DAY ELEVEN – 8/8a Milk Street

At 8 & 8A there used to be a very popular tearooms who were regularly visited by a less traumatic family thought to be frum the early 18th century. The mother used to frequent the upstairs restaurant room, the father was seen in the front room staff area, smoking his pipe. Their two children, Emily and Jack were seen playing happily together although Jack possibly got a little bored as he was often known to open and close the front door. Another visitor was their maid who lived in a room overlooking the courtyard which used to house their stables. It is in this courtyard that the ghost of coachman would appear. His uniform was possibly frum the 1780’s and it is thought that he is possibly searching for a lost lover. He ‘ould look up at the maid and was known to follow female customers across the courtyard to the toilets.

Pop back in tomorrow if you can for a visit to old St Chad’s, oh! and dunna have nightmares.