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A real nailbiter…

Owdo me owd butties, thank’ee most kindly for poppin’ in, here are a few superstitions that i’ve gleaned over the years, have you got any more?

Nails (part one)

A mon had better ne'er be born
Than have his nails on a Sunday shorn
Cut them on Monday, cut them for health
Cut them on Tuesday, cut them for wealth
Cut them on a Wednesday, cut them for news
Cut them on Thursday for a pair of new shoes
Cut them on Friday, cut them for sorrow
Cut them on Saturday, see your sweetheart tomorrow.

Cutting a child’s nails afore it is 12 months old is forbidden, if they need shortening the nurse bites ’em, if she were to cut ’em the baby ull grow up to be light-fingered i.e. a thief.

Cut your nails on a Friday
Cut your sorrow
Cut your nails on a Sunday
See the devil tomorrow.

It has allus bin sin as bad luck to cut your nails on a Sunday, because witches will collect the clippings for to make spells against you, but opinion is divided about Fridays. Some call it “the blessed Friday night” and say that cutting nails on a Friday night will help you avoid tuth-ache. Other folk see Friday as a day of evil, hence it being bad luck or taboo to do so, me owd grandad’s brother-inlaw used to say if you cut yor toenails on a Friday your house will burn down, I canna say which is right or wrong so I ull leave you to make your own minds up.

Danker me! that’s enough chunnerin’ frum me for one day, thank’ee muchly to anyone who is still reading this far down,now run along and play nicely,and dunna go biting your nails