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Owdo me owd butties, thank’ee for poppin’ in, I had to pop in to Salop yesterday to do a little bit o’business, or to see a mon about a dog as we say.

Obviously this meant making time for a bit of a brevit in the wonderful Raven Bookshop inside the market hall (where you can also get your donnies (hands) on a copy of our new booklet, hint,hint).

an amazing array of local books too

We then had a bit of a fisk (stroll) around our sebunctious town, looking to see if we have missed owt for our haunted site posts (see we dunna jest throw’em together)

tye forde art
owd Stanleydog
in the Square

In 2008, after 150 years on Bridge Street the Old School House had an “open” day to discuss moving the building round the corner. Being a bit of a nosey mon, I dragged shroppieoomon along to have a brevit at the plans but it turned out to be an open day by private invitation so we had to sidestep all the questions asking who we were and who we were representing etc and beat a hasty retreat. Fourteen years later and shroppieoomon has jest about forgiven me (i think).

Now in St Austin Friar’s

well that’s enough chunnerin frum me, thank’ee most kindly to anyone who is still reading and if you have any questions or comments please get in touch.

Oh and dunna forget to pop back tomorrow for the third haunted site of the month – shroppiemon